The Making of Rubbabu Toy

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What goes into a Rubbabu toy? 

Rubbabu toys are made of 100% natural rubber foam. Natural rubber is the sap of the rubber tree, which can be collected from the same tree for 25 years – biodegradable and renewable. Flock is our not-so-secret but magic ingredient. Flock is made by taking fibre like cotton or nylon and cutting it up into tiny pieces. We buy flock from a Swiss company which is known for producing the finest flock in the world. We make our own paints (from raw materials sourced mainly from the USA) to make sure they are completely safe. 

How are these toys made? 

Our process is very simple. First rubber is baked like a cake into the right shape, depending on whether it’s a car, a ball or a bowling pin we want. After this the toy is painted and flocked for the fine velvety finish. We have designed our process to use no de-moulding chemicals, and we foam the rubber mechanically rather than using chemicals. 

Who makes these toys? 

Rubbabu’s hand made toys are made by many people who bake, paint, flock, check and pack the toys into cartons. At every step it is people who make sure that the toy is exactly as they would like it for their own little kid. We use very little electric energy and we have very little waste. The energy and ideas all come from our people who love what they do. The making of Rubbabu toys is a labour intensive process, providing employment and livelihoods to over a hundred people. 

How long will they last? 

Because they are made from natural rubber, which is flexible and durable, these toys are very strong and can last for many years of intensive play. Not only will they last, because they are soft and squashy, we hope they will save many windows and computer screens ☺ because kids will be kids. 

Are Rubbabu toys green? 

Yes, natural rubber foam is completely bio-degradable. The source of rubber is natural and renewable. Unlike wooden toys for which trees need to be cut, rubber extraction is healthy for rubber trees! The labour intensive process uses very little electricity and generates next to no waste. 

Safety Certifications 

We get our toys tested by the safety standards in every country we sell to. It is a matter of pride to us that each of our toys passes every single test the first time round.

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